Wireforce WireWall®

Fully Integrated

Wireforce is the only fully integrated manufacturer of high security fencing systems in South Africa

Combining Design & Functionality

Bringing elements of colour and design together, while creating a unique signature that meets today's   demand for increased visibility and security.

Maximum Security

Fabricated from 3mm, 4mm or 5.6mm wire with apertures of 12.7mm x 75mm (H x W, See product specifications page) making it extremely unlikely to be breached providing maximum time delay for intrusion detection and reaction.



Additional Security

Electric Fence

Electric fence brackets are pre-punched for seamless integration onto the back of the post for either the full length or only 650 mm above the fence line. (Bobbins not supplied).

Razor Wire

Extended cover plates (above the fence line) accommodate the fixing of flat-wrap razor coil with two lock-in-bobbins.

Spike Rails

Additional security options include spike rails which can be fixed to the top of the panel by means of anti-tampering stainless steel grade 304 fixings. Spike rails can be ordered in finishes matching the fence.

Barbed Wire

A standard Y-bracket is fixed to the back of the post to fix overhead barbed taped concertina coil. It also has two anti-tampering fixings with extended tie-rods.

WireWall Installation Guide

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